Monday, August 27, 2001

Intro to Prague 2

I left off last time with my arrival in the apartment (hotel) in Prague and the fact that there is a grocery store directly in front of the hotel. I will now write a bit about the food here. I am amazed at the cost of food in the Czech Republic. We spend roughly 30 cents for a massive loaf of bread (real bread, not prepackaged junk bread), 25 cents for a 2.1 liter bottle of drinking water (which is the primary source of drinking water here), 15 cents for a box of rice, etc. Jerry and I went out to eat at an incredible Italian restaurant last night, and I spent about $4.50 on my meal, including the tip. Jerry, with his purchase of Orangina as a beverage instead of water like myself, spent perhaps $5.50. It makes me extremely disappointed in the exhorbitant prices charged in American restaurants and grocery stores, but food has to be inexpensive here because the average Czech makes the equivalent of $6000 per year.

And now a little about the team of teachers we have gathered here. I have been very pleased so far. There are Jerry and myself, of course. Then there is Karen, who lives across the hall in our hotel along with Tanya (who has yet to arrive). Karen is from Denver, and is the youngest of the bunch. Tanya is the person who is primarily responsible for Jerry and my being here; she was here 5 years ago, and is coming back for another go-round. Across town in another apartment live Amy, a Biology major from all over who currently attends Union College (incidentally Karen also attends Union College), Sissel, a business major from Nashville also attending Union, Priscilla, a psychology major from Southern California who graduated from PUC this year along with Heather from Texas who was an English major. In addition to these, there is another on her way named Marsha, who is also from Union, but I know virtually nothing about her except that she was Sissel's roommate.