Friday, August 31, 2001

New Arrivals and Final Preparations

Tanya and Marsha arrived yesterday, so our team here is now complete. We took a tour of the Jewish quarter yesterday, which was interesting. We visited several synagogues and walked through the Jewish cemetery. Eva hired an elderly tour guide to take us through and tell us about everything. During World War II there were 90,000 Jews living in Prague until being deported to death camps by the Nazi's. Only 10,000 of these survived. It's a very sobering thought, and a reminder of the depths which humanity can reach in it's capabilities for evil.

Today we reviewed our schedules to make sure nobody was set to be in two places at the same time. There are certain limitations placed upon us by the space-time continuum which make this a physical impossibility given our current understanding of the universe. Therefore we had to fix certain problems with the schedule, but it's all fine now. This Sunday will be spent, by me at least, working on my lesson plans for the year. I was lucky in that my beginner's business class has been changed to a beginner's games class. This means that there won't be too much planning I have to do, other than deciding what games to play. There are several books here with lists and lists of educational language games to choose from, so it should be very interesting. All in all, I'm very pleased with my schedule, and it fits me perfectly. This may seem strange to those who think of me as a quiet individual, given that half of my classes are conversation classes, but the fact that I prefer to observe instead of incessantly running my mouth does not make me incapable of conversation.