Friday, March 26, 2004

Third Real Post

It appears as though my posting has become an annual event, rather than a daily or even weekly one, which would be more informative for my readers. We're working our way through 2004, and maybe I'll keep up with this posting for the next couple of months or so. We'll see...

I recently returned to Tennessee after a brief orchestral tour to Southern California. I will be moving out to the grand land of brown skies in June of this year, and I was able to get a brief look at the school I will be attending while there. If all goes as planned, a doctorate in physical therapy awaits me at the end of my stay. While excited is not an adjective that is often, if ever, used to describe me, being the low-key individual that I am, I await my Californian adventure with a healthy smile.

In the meantime, I'll be returning to Prague next week, and while I'm there I'll be able to catch up with my students and visit old friends after being at home and away from the Czech Republic for an eventful past year. I'll be there for a month, and hopefully I'll remember to plot my progress here on this blog. For the time being, Mejte se hezky. Na shle.

Oh, P.S., I've also decided to retroactively post most of my newsletters that I sent out over the course of my two years in Bohemia. They're posted according to the dates that I actually sent them out. Maybe somebody will enjoy reading them, and it won't look like I've neglected this blog so much.