Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tulips in Old Town Square - Prague (April 2004)

These flowers were located in the flowerbed which is overlooked by Jan Hus there in the Old Town. They were backlit with morning sunlight.

At any rate, I've returned from the clinic, and now have a little valuable experience under my belt. I drove back down to SoCal via Highway 1 from San Francisco yesterday. It was definitely worth the extra few hours it added to my driving time, if just for the benefit of not having to turn on my air conditioner for the duration of the trip. The outside temperature was a constant 63 degrees the entire length of the coast. I rolled down 3 of the windows of the car, avoiding the one that I knew to be defunct, and, among other things, discovered that now neither of my rear windows will raise again when lowered, without much cajoling on my part. I finally managed to get the newly impaired window to raise while stopped at a gas station, but I had been concerned that I would be forced to visit the evil (and I mean that emphatically and with the deepest and utmost sincerity) Riverside Infiniti dealership again where I would be charged another $50 to have the window raised. At least they smile and say how much they appreciate your letting them take advantage of you, while charging you $50 for 2 minutes of labor. I don't know where auto mechanics get the idea that they are worth $1500/hr.


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