Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Irony for the Crazy Woman

I'm writing once again about the lady we've been having problems with. Hopefully I won't need to write more about her after this. We've found that the Lord works in mysterious ways. The woman felt that by bringing in a tabloid to write about this story she would be able to slander (libel, whatever...) our school. Unfortunately for her, the tabloid turned the story around and made her look incredibly silly. The article came out this morning and the only quote that they used from her was "I chose the McNeilus school because they have very high quality native speakers." There was nothing negative about us whatsoever. The article tells exactly why she was expelled from the school for not following the rules of the contract, and for once a tabloid actually got the story right. It stated that our director sent her money back, and that this woman has refused to accept it. The headline stated "Woman refuses to follow rules, so school expels her."