Saturday, October 13, 2001

Sports in the Gourd Family

Well, I have one more exhausting week behind me and have another staring me in the face. This past week was particularly tiring because, in addition to our regular duties, we had to prepare for a Friday night meeting for the students, as well as cook for the entire church. Everyone felt completely dead by the time Saturday rolled around.

On a good note though, a group of us went out to play squash on Saturday night and the exercise was energizing. Squash is an interesting game. It's a lot like racquetball in the sense that it involves an indoor room with a round object and a racquet, but if you ever have a chance to play, don't expect racquetball like I was. The ball is much smaller and doesn't bounce. The room is smaller, and the racquets are longer and skinnier. It's different, but it's exercise and therefore beneficial to people who's minds have been numbed by a constant piling on of new expectations.

I had my intermediate class write post cards this past week for most of those who sent me their addresses. I'll try to get them sent out sometime this next week, so look for them in the mail. If anyone would like to get a postcard from a student of mine and has not sent me their address, then I'd welcome you to send it as soon as possible. I'll be having some of my other classes write to those of you who don't get postcards from my intermediate class.

Marsha and I teach one of the afternoon classes back to back, and this past Thursday we were able to take them on a field trip to the Prague zoo during classtime. That was a welcome break from normal teaching activities, especially since this class is my least favorite to teach. I really like each student in the class, but it's difficult to teach them because they don't talk unless asked a direct question, and even then they don't speak for very long. Anyway, I was very impressed with the zoo, which is very nice. They've got just about any animal you could ever want to see, and an ample supply of animals that you might never care to see. The trip with the class was supposed to be educational, and maybe the students learned a few English names for animals, but I doubt if they'll retain much of the knowledge they gained from the experience. It was better just to have the chance to spend time with them outside of class and get to know each one a little better.

Well, tonight all of the teachers are having supper together at the school. With there being ten of us now (Patty arrived last Monday) it's difficult to find time when everyone can be together, so we planned this supper for a chance at further bonding. We're having Mexican food, which is very rare here since Czech's hate spicy foods. I don't think I've seen any Mexican restaurants so far, though I have heard of a few in town somewhere. I've got to run now, so I hope everyone has a good week.


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