Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Street Didgeridoo Player - Galway City, Ireland (May 1999)

This is an American from Arizona playing an Australian instrument on the streets of Galway City in Ireland. He was a pleasant guy to talk to and may still be out travelling the world with his didgeridoo. This was during a university orchestra tour of Ireland I was priviledged to go on. Shortly after this picture was taken, the small group of musicians I was with was accosted by a drunken Irishman who was fascinated with the letters on our tour jackets. We were with the SAU symphony orchestra, and he kept yelling that at the top of his lungs. Except he pronounced the acronym as one word, "Sow." As in female pig. So here we were walking down the street with a drunk Irishman repetitively yelling, "Sow! Symphony Orchestra!" He was also mumbling some other things we couldn't comprehend, and tried to get us to join him in the Snub, a local pub. We passed on that opportunity of a lifetime.


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