Thursday, February 17, 2005

Spring Flowers on the Castle Grounds - Prague (April 2004)

Taken on a cloudy spring day. I was mildly rebuked by a castle guard for setting up my tripod on the grass. I guess it's the "if we let you do it, then we have to let everybody do it" mentality which so permeates society. I wasn't even on the grass myself, so it wasn't as if the three blades of vegetation being crushed by my tripod legs would have been missed had they lacked the ability to recover from such hideous trauma. Oh well, I'm told that there is also a 10,000 Kc fee for using a tripod on the Charles Bridge. The hotels along the riverbank don't wish to have professional photographers using images of their facilities without compensation. I think this is ridiculous, and intentionally tried to get someone to come out and charge me for using my tripod on various occasions, to no avail. Perhaps it's just a nasty rumor.


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