Monday, February 14, 2005

A Lonely Night Walker - Prague (April 2004)

Taken on one of the many winding streets below Prague Castle. An enchanting place to walk at night, I came upon a shadowy figure standing mysteriously in a doorway as I approached one of the sets of stairs leading to the castle. As I passed him, I sensed that he was going to follow me, which he did as soon as I had begun the climb. Halfway up the staircase, there is an escape route which leads down to an alley running parallel to the steps. Since I was carrying a great deal of expensive camera equipment that I didn't wish to give away that night, I took the escape route to insure that this fellow didn't intend to cause me any trouble. If he followed me back down, I could be certain of his intentions and take appropriate defensive action against him . . . don't laugh. He passed by, with a glance in my direction, and I think he was disappointed to have been outsmarted.


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