Saturday, October 28, 2006

No Tree is an Island - Yosemite National Park (October 2006)

I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer for the Special Olympics today.  I drove down to Cal State - Fullerton with two of my friends from class who I will call Asovoz and Opon, in keeping with the pseudonymic tradition of my posts.  Several weeks ago, Asovoz suggested volunteering, and so we did.  I had no idea we would be doing physical therapy related tasks, but it turns out that our jobs would be to screen athletes for flexibility, strength, and balance.  If they were found to be deficient in any area, they would get a home exercise program specialized for their needs.  I was impressed with how well the whole enterprise was organised.  Physical therapy students from several local schools had been enlisted to assist with the assembly-line screening process, which went very smoothly considering each athlete was receiving a fairly comprehensive physical therapy evaluation.

It was definitely a worthwhile experience, and I recommend volunteering, whether for the Special Olympics, or for any worthy cause, as your life will be enriched for it.


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