Friday, December 09, 2005

Jan Hus - Staromestske Namesti, Prague (April 2004)

Someone warned me a few months ago that I shouldn't think of myself as being "intangible." I couldn't say that I had ever been tempted of such a thing, and being decently literate, with a broader than average vocabulary, I recognized that this person had no idea what he was talking about. So, I informed him, in true Montoyesque fashion, that I did not think that word meant what he thought it meant.

This was a random individual who was harassing me via an internet instant messaging service. He proceeded to tell me that he was going to hack my computer and delete all my files. That's where I was supposed to avoid thoughts of intangibility, I suppose. For some reason, I had a hard time feeling threatened by a person who couldn't grasp the concept of tangible/intangible.

I asked him what he thought the word really meant, and he said, "untouchable." That's partially true, on an abstract level, so I was at least glad he didn't say something like "bacon." There was hope for this guy.

After directing him to a dictionary website, and managing to convince him not to hack my computer and delete all my files, as evidenced by the fact that I am now using said computer several months later and to my knowledge not a single file is missing, I ceased communication with him. Maybe he's off hacking some other intangible soul's computer right now.


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