Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mostly Obscured Town Hall - Olomouc (April 2004)

I did some more bouldering today. I'm proud of myself for taking an intense fall while attempting to top-out a problem I wouldn't have attempted a year ago (that's a sign of improved skill, though the fact that I fell might make it sound counterintuitive). Not that falls are uncommon in bouldering, and this one really wasn't that far (probably 8 feet). I wasn't in much danger of injury, due to having two pads and two spotters below to arrest my downward plummet (although, there was a cactus off to the side a bit, which, had I landed on it, would have broken my fall but introduced an entirely new set of difficulties). But bouldering, for me, is a mind game.

What this fall signifies, as opposed to any of the other falls I've taken, is that I'm gaining more confidence in my abilities, which is an important step toward increasing one's skill level. This time, I fell without the fear of falling, which means the fear is beginning to diminish. Getting over ones fear allows one to perform at levels above what he thought himself capable of. And of course, as I've mentioned before, and we all know intuitively anyway, girls only want guys with great skills. Although, maybe I should be practicing with my bo staff instead of climbing rocks. If only I had a bo staff...


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