Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wisteria - Podebrady (Spring 2002)

I don't suspect that anybody who has visited this site would have a problem with the following, but just in case there are people who visit in the future and do have a problem, I'm including this bit of writing from another photographer (Michael Brown) who has an incredible blog:

Macro Art in Nature

"There are quite a few people out there who make their livings as photographers. With many of those photographers, if they find you using one of their images on-line, the first time that you will hear anything from them is when you receive a bill in the mail, ... and it will not be cheap either! They make a good part of their living doing this, ... finding unauthorized use of their images! They already have screen shots of your site using their image, have already recorded the page source, the ISP, ... everything they would need in a courtroom if you do not pay the bill, ... and believe me, they will not hesitate to ask for attorney's fees also, which a judge will almost always give them. Hey, ... you asked for it! And don't try to claim ignorance in a courtroom!! : ) What I am trying to tell you guys is that many photographers are starting to fight back when it comes to unauthorized usage of their copyrighted images, and to fight back very hard. Using an image online without permission will usually cost you three times the normal amount for that online usage. So, be careful!"

- Michael Brown

So, for all my readers, please do not use my photos without permission, as I am likely to seek payment for such use. Also, be aware that using photos by other photographers also comes with a risk.


Blogger Ijsbreker said...

preach it! I have had friends do this to me, and though I'm not going to take them to court, or make a big deal, it has made me start printing copyright text on all my good pics.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006  

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