Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Glow - Keller Peak, California (May 2006)

This is some moss on a rock by a flowing stream. Obviously, I've used some creative license with the help of photoshop, but this photo goes along with a brief poem (ha, you didn't know I was a poet, too) I wrote recently. It was inspired by an idea in a post on another blog I frequent. As ideas tend to do, this one rippled through my own head, and this poem was the result. Perhaps, and hopefully, it will ripple through someone else's head and morph into something entirely different. Without further ado, the poem:

I dreamt today of a park.
A stream flowed beneath a tree.
In repose there, I read
To you, and you to me.
Basked we did, in the glow
Of each other's company.

-Enlightened Fellow


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