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Danube River and Castle - Budapest, Hungary (Winter/Spring 2003)

While Budapest is not quite as impressive or aesthetic as Prague, it's still a nice place. There's a book entitled "Prague" but it's about a bunch of loser expats who went to Budapest and wished they were in Prague. To me, it's a travesty of a book, in spite of the author's good writing. It's marketed as a book about Prague, and even has a photo of the Charles Bridge on the front. That deserves corporal punishment, in my humble opinion.


Blogger praguelodyte said...

Thanks for your comments on my photography. I also like yours.
I've read the book 'Prague' and thought the title was deliberately ironic. I think the author was thumbing his nose at all the wannabe writers who lived in Prague and just passed out on their notebooks in pubs. Nothing came of all the feckless Prague expat writers. Either that, or his publisher said 'nobody wants to read about a bunch o' whiny expats in Budapest, you moron! But a bunch o' whiny expats in Prague, now THAT'S sexy!'

But you're right, corporate punishment for the lot of em. Er, I mean, corporal.


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