Thursday, March 02, 2006

Canoers - Cesky Krumlov (Fall 2001)

Cesky Krumlov has a couple of small dams with chutes like this that go around them for the many canoers and tubers (yams and assorted whatnot) who float through the town throughout the course of the year. I got this picture of a doomed duo as they were entering this chute. At the bottom, there's a small wave which really shouldn't be too difficult to handle, but they hit it at an odd angle which capsized them with fervor. Given that this was in October, and October is not a warm month in the Czech Republic, I didn't envy them. It did strike me as distinctly Czech when they stripped off and wrung out their wet clothing right on the riverbank in full view of anybody who happened to be passing by. From several experiences like this, I've discerned that there are either no public nudity laws in the Czech Republic, or nobody cares enough to enforce them.


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It's been four days. The natives are getting restless. It's time for another post.

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